Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Afrodisiac vs. ? : A Velocity Comics Contest!

Greeting one and all!

So as I stated in my previous post about Jim Rugg's Afrodisiac, he visited Velocity comics last Friday, signed books, and hob-nobbed with the likes of us (his fans,) but what I didn't say is he also judged an Afrodisiac vs. ? contest. I had to enter of course! Here is my entry:

I finally got word on the winner which was Julie Scott (click to see her entry). I was told I came in a close second, which is cool, but as sweet bonus Jim left everyone who entered a print, and I got my favorite Afroduck! Thanks Jim!

More updates in the wild world of The Red Cactus Patch as they come!

Live Long and Prosper!


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