Sunday, April 25, 2010

Ashley's Comic and Update


Just yesterday it was my good and longtime friend Ashley's birthday. I have pretty well forgotten her birthday for the last two years... and about four times before that. Despite this, she has always managed to remember mine. So, in light of my obvious neglect, I decided at the beginning of this week that this year would be different, and I would make her a comic- and I did, and here it is!

Humor wise, it's meant for Ashley's own amusement, but I though you, my loyal viewers, deserved a look. I love every one of you. More updates in the wild world of The Red Cactus Patch as they come!

Live Long and Prosper!


P.S. The Diggers project is still in full swing and going very well. I'm about to complete the fifth development board, leaving one to go- expect to see these very soon!

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