Wednesday, October 27, 2010



As you no doubt have realized you have once again found yourself in the endless boroughs of the Red Cactus Patch. What will you find? Where will you go from here? Would it be safer just to go to Facebook and see how many of your friends have posted links to funny cat videos on their wall? Sure. But just this once, let curiosity get the better of you...

A few weeks ago I started a short comic to keep me busy on those long lunch breaks at work. It features a character I created some time ago named Applecot! I just finished the inks today, and since it's been awhile since my last post, I thought it best to share them with you, my most elite of viewers.

I'm gonna throw some halftones, lettering, and the like on these pages and see where they go, so stay tuned for the finished product! As always we the members of The Patch are always poised to listen to what ever critiques you may have!

Thanks for visiting The Red Cactus Patch, and look sharp for updates!


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