Sunday, January 17, 2010


Greetings true believers!

So I just got back from seeing James Cameron's "Avatar" and I have to say overall it was good. I admit I was quite skeptical going in, I really didn't think that I was going to be interested in it but the story holds together very well and you really get drawn into it. Here's my breakdown:

The Pros:

Overall the CG looked great. The environments were visually stunning and creative. For once I actually found myself forgetting that I was watching a primarily CG movie.

The movie is long, but that actually HELPS the story (unlike most movies over 2hrs that have come to the box office in the last few years). A lot was said in this movie, had it been shorter I don't think the overall concept would have come off as well.

Very cool animal designs- nuff said.

The Cons:

At times it could be a bit patronizing. It perpetuated that age old scenario of: The noble savage and his peaceful culture were minding their own business when all of the sudden, progress found them and the awful industrial machine destroyed their society. There were moments where I just wanted to say yeah I get it- "we bad, them good".

Whereas the story was played out well it was definitely predictable. It had all the elements you would expect such as, boy meets girl, they fall in love but they shouldn't, the main character might be dead but no he's not- you get the drill.

Last, and this is a picky thing not really a con but, I couldn't figure out why Sigourney Weaver's Avatar looked like her so much. Her's was the only one that had a human looking nose.

All and all I'd say this is definitely one to see in the theaters. I'm not sure what the 3-D element can bring to because I saw in 2-D but either way it's worth your time.

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